Monday, September 5, 2011

Feel better soon!

I haven't been making many cards lately because my craft room is still getting organised which has been eating into my spare crafty time. I'm on holidays for this whole week so I'm going to make sure that I fit in lots of organising as well as crafting, yay!

So on with the card. I made this one for my niece who recently had an ear infection which led to some unpleasantness with her eardrum. Not fun! She lives in North Queensland so I made this card to send up to her:

Feel Better Soon! (1)

Feel Better Soon! (2)

First I masked the bottom strip of the card with a post-it and stamped all over it with the bird flourish from the Flourishes set by Inkadinkado in Versafine Black Onyx ink. I took the post-it off and drew two lines using a black fine-tip marker and stamped the sentiment from Fiskars' All Year Greetings set in Versafine Black Onyx again.

I coloured the birds using my new Lyra Polycolor pencils. I recently bought a 24 set of these off ebay to try out after reading Dorcas' Prismas vs Lyras post, and I have to say, I love my Prismacolors but Lyras offer something different - absolutely effortless blending! I laid down a couple of different yellows just on the bottom bits (for want of a better word) of each bird and used a blending stump dipped in my Zest-it sponge to smooth out the colour and you can see the results for yourself - I don't think I reapplied the Zest-it to my stump once, which was nice. On top of the blendability, as these pencils are oil-based they don't put a translucent sheen of wax on the lines of the stamped image like Prismacolors do. The waxy sheen is the thing I like about my Prismas least, but as I have invested so much money in them and they are more readily available to me I'll still be using them for a while yet. To counteract the waxiness usually I go around the lines with a black pencil. I was pleased to be able to miss that step this time around!

I also added some 10% grey as shading around the bases of the birds and some of the tendrils (Prismas this time - the grey in my Lyra set was far too dark) to give the card some dimension since it was a completely flat one-layer card (for posting).

So that's it from me - time to get on with some more organising (It's getting there, phew) and thanks for looking :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out. :-) Its such a cute card. :-)
    I'm glad your enjoying your lyras, I tend to mix mine with the prismas just for range of color more than anything but about the grays: Lyra sells a set of 12 grays which you buy separately. I'm going to invest in these cos I loooove the range of gray in my prismas, you really need them. I don't know why they just don't make the lyra set bigger and give us everything: skin tones, grays and assorted. It would make things easier!

  2. So sweet! I'm sure your niece will appreciate it.

  3. Very informative post! Your card is lovely, with the yellow birds colored individually. I must admit at first I thought it was manufactured patterned paper!

  4. Jess this is such a sweet card. Thanks for the tip about the pencils... I have nether at the moment but am seriously thinking about getting some.


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