Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi There

I was in two minds as to whether or not I should share the following card on my blog. On the one hand, I want to share it because I like it and I think it's cute. On the other hand it shows how silly my husband and I are about our cats which I think some people might find a bit odd. Obviously the first hand won out, otherwise you would be reading about another (less weird) card right now.

Backstory: My husband (Mark) and I don't have kids (and won't be having any in the future either) so we give all of our love and attention and absolutely dote on our cats (okay, maybe me more so than Mark). For years now, as a joke, we have gotten each other Mother's and Father's Day gifts 'from the cats', usually accompanied by a funny email or note that the cats made us write, etc. (Do you see where I'm going with this yet?)

So the Sunday before last was Father's Day and the cats commissioned this card:

Hi There (1)

I printed the kitty from the 'Be Mine' digi by Softpencil (retired) twice onto Canson cardstock and I coloured them in with a warm grey Copic marker. If you've seen the photos I've posted of Abby before you will note that I left a diamond shape white on the right hand kitty's forehead as well as her paws to represent her markings. Toby (on the left) is completely grey so he didn't get any white spots, though he does have a few white hairs growing here and there these days - a kitty version of going grey I suppose.

Hi There (2)

I attached a strip of Bazzil cardstock to the front of the card (Canson) and used foam dots to pop the cats on top of the strip to make it look like they're peeking over a wall. I then stamped the sentiment from Sophie's Sentiments by Lawn Fawn in Versafine Black Onyx ink.

Thanks so much for looking, and for reading the little story behind the card. I'll be back tomorrow with another one!


  1. Cute card and cute story Jess :) Made me smile.

  2. I think its adorable!:-) Before my hubby and I had our daughter it was all about our two cats. :-) And my hubby, being silly would sometimes dress up a stuffed monkey I had in clothes and prop it in odd places in the house for me to find. lol

  3. Aw! I think the card, and the story behind it is very sweet.

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to visit yours. Your cards are beautiful, and those cats are so darn cute.

    My cat and dog have always left me presents under the Christmas tree! I always wonder how they manage to wrap them so well. LOL Ann

  5. Hi Jess, so glad I came to visit your blog, this card is so cute. I don't think giving cards from your cats is strange at all, pets are always part of the family...our mutt certainly thinks he's one of the kids!
    Jenny x

  6. Cats are meant to be doted on Jess - that's why they were created! LOL! Cute card!

  7. Your card is great! Love the CAS design. Alas, my husband hated my 2 cats. Be thankful for the husband that adores kitties:-)


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