Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Designer pack - Baby Boy - Card #2

This is the second Baby Boy card I made for Scrapping Essentials with the Baby Cards pack. See the first card in yesterday's post here.

Sweet Baby

Vellum Rule No. 2: Always cut with a sharp blade! (Unless you're after a distressed look...) I made a couple of boo boos because I was using the blunter side of my Fiskars trimmer blade (I always, for some reason, cut from right to left and this causes me to wear out one side of the blade much, much faster than the other - If I take off the cutting blade to score I always have to do a practice cut when I pop it back in to find out which side is the sharpest!)

I haven't adhered the vellum down with the eyelet hands - good lord no. They just *look* like they're holding onto it. I cut more from each side of the vellum words than I needed and folded the excess behind the white layer, sticking it down with sticky tape on the back. I only got 2 eyelet hands in the pack for the boy cards so I had to be extra careful not to blow it! Thankfully the card-making gods were smiling down at me that day ;)

To get the corners of the white layer slightly rounded I used my Fiskars scallop scissors which I never use to scallop with. They are very small scallops which make very cute rounded corners.

Size of card: A5 folded in half

Card/paper - Bazzill cardstock, Vellum A4 Patterned - Baby Words
Extra - Blue hand eyelets
Tools - Fiskars paper trimmer, Helmar tape runner, Sticky tape, Provo Craft silent setter, Fiskars scallop scissors

Oh and before I forget - I just want to share that the other day when I looked I saw I had 20 subscribers! From what I can gather everyone who follows me in Blogger becomes a subscriber, and it isn't as much as other people have (not by a long shot!) but I never would have thought that I would have any subscribers, much less 20 people who read my posts and hopefully get something out of them!
That's what I set out to do when I started up this blog - I wanted to put my ideas and creations out there and inspire others, and I hope I've done that for you today :)

If you're a subscriber please come out of your lurkdom and say hello - I'd love to see who you are :)

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  1. Another great baby boy card! And congratulations on your followers, very well deserved indeed!


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