Thursday, July 15, 2010

Designer pack - Baby Boy - Card #3

This is the third (and final) card I made with the Baby Boy pack from Scrapping Essentials. You can see the other cards I made with the pack here and here.

Precious Bundle of Joy Sweet Baby

Vellum Tip No. 3: Photographing vellum is kinda tricky because it's transluscent. It depends on the vellum though, and the image printed on it. As the vellum I'm using for these baby cards is clear with pastel writing I found it quite difficult to photograph, and this card was the worst.
The solution I found worked the best was simply adjusting the brightness (when using the P - Program setting on my camera) to make it neutral (0). It was way too dark to begin with but it allowed me to capture the subtle text. The off-white backdrop also helped - I was able to lighten the image quite dramatically using my photo editing software without the card disappearing into the background.

Once again, I tucked in the edges of the vellum, adhering them down using sticky tape on the backside of the white layer. I really ought to get some vellum tape - it would allow for so many more possibilities.

Size of card: A5 folded in half

Card/paper - Bazzill cardstock, Vellum A4 Patterned - Baby Words
Tools - Fiskars paper trimmer, Helmar tape runner, Sticky tape

I hope you've enjoyed these cards, and perhaps found some inspiration. Next up are baby girl cards from the same designer pack.


  1. love the simpicity of your card, jess!

  2. My favorite of them all! If you find some good vellum tape, let me know!


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