Sunday, May 2, 2010

Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers

I've wanted to try Copics for a long time - ever since seeing the nicely shaded effect on someone else's card. I still don't have any Copics (they're a bit too pricey for me) but I've bought a couple of similar markers from an art and craft shop in a shopping centre near where I live - Shinhan 'Twin Touch' markers. They're only a few dollars cheaper than Copics but I've read they're comparable in quality and that few dollars cheaper could save me a bundle if I decide to buy more.

Together with my bic mark-its and sharpies I've got a range of colours now, which has allowed me to finally dabble in some proper shading using a blending technique.

I've taken some photos and made a little tutorial which I hope helps someone out there. Give it a go, it's such a fun and easy technique!

First, select some thick or cartridge-style art paper. I like to use the Eraldo di Paolo Field Pad which is suitable for a wide range of mediums including watercolours, pencils and ink. I folded it in half and then stamped my flower stamp with Versafine "Black Onyx" ink a few times (I'd like to say 'strategically' but it was really quite haphazard) and then added the sentiment using the same ink. I cut about 2" off one end to make it square-ish as my 'strategic' placement of stamps didn't suit the rectangular shape and there was way too much white space.

I then coloured the flowers with my Twin Touch marker in "Bareley Beige" (sic). As these markers bleed a bit I'm always careful not to go right up to the outline, just slightly inside and the paper wicks up the rest.

Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers 1

Using the "Peach Parfait" bic mark-it I very lightly drew lines on the flower where I wanted the darkest shade of colour.

Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers 2

Then I blended the darkest shade in with the light using the Twin Touch "Bareley Beige" (sic) again, going over the whole flower, making sure to keep within the lines!

Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers 3

I've added the photo below to show the difference between the final wash of the lighter colour and without (the blended one is on the left)

Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers 4

To finish the flowers I added a touch of "Pink Parfait" to the centers and then the card was done! Here's the finished product:
Have a Happy Day - Colouring with markers

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - it's a first for me so if you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Size of card: 4" square

Card/paper - Eraldo di Paolo A5 Field Pad
Ink - Versafine "Black Onyx"
Stamp - Tiffanys "Flowers" by We R Memory Keepers, sentiment from Sullivan's
Embellishments - Twin Touch marker "Bareley Beige" (sic), bic mark-it "Pink Parfait"
Tools - Fiskars paper trimmer

Thanks for looking!

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