Sunday, May 23, 2010

Masking tutorial

This is a tutorial for how I did the masking technique in yesterday's card.

What you will need:
A blank card
Stamp of choice - something that will look nice repeated or even a background stamp
Ink of choice
Ruler - to work out corners
Pencil - to mark corners
Post-its - the sticky part should be as long as each side of your stamped area

Take your blank card. Mine is 4" square Quill white cardstock that I cut and scored using my Fiskars paper trimmer.

Work out how much white space you want around your stamped area. I've chosen roughly 1.8cm (5/8") each side. I used my centering ruler for this which made it really easy, but any ruler would do the job. Once you've worked out where your corners are, indicate them with your pencil (press lightly, you'll want to erase these later!)

Simple masking tutorial - Step 1

Then line up the post-its with the corners. Try not to let them overlap too much - the height can cause parts of the stamp not to stamp properly.

Simple masking tutorial - Step 2

Once you have all of your post-its lined up according to your pencil marks you can erase them and start stamping. I have used the same SeeD's stamp from yesterday's card, but I've had success using this technique with a variety of stamps from borders to shapes. The key is to experiment - you never know what you'll come up with!

The picture below shows my stamped area finished:

Simple masking tutorial - Step 3

As you can see there are a few areas that didn't stamp great over the post-its. A way to avoid this would be to press harder over the post-its without rolling and distorting the stamp. Lesson learned!

All that's left to do is take off the post-its (keep them somewhere handy - they can be reused for your next masked card) and you're done!

Simple masking tutorial - Step 4

Well that's it - pretty easy huh? I really hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and as always, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me!

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